There are certain elements present in great speakers that cause their audiences to sit up and take notice. These speakers create feelings, insights and responses within their listeners.

What sets them apart from the general population who speak or converse with little to no impact?

It is this: Great speakers employ principles, skills and techniques that have direct influence on who they are speaking to. Some of these elements are natural, and some are learned; but all are evident in the sound and delivery of great speakers and great communicators.

These principles are not complicated or hard to understand, but they require a willingness to embrace, internalize and apply them. You must literally change your approach to speaking. Like any skill development, this will require purposeful practice and a desire to grow and change. I propose to you that this transformation is not nearly as difficult as developing proficiency in a sport or other demanding skill sets. However, it will require adjusting your mindset, overcoming limiting thinking, and applying new ways of speaking that may initially shock your system. It will also require trust in your coach.