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Norm Boaz Voice Coach, personal voice coaching session

Coaching Services:

1-on-1 Coaching
4-Session Course
Group Workshop
SpeakFluence Handbook

Through this training you will learn:

• The 4 Foundational Principles of a Dynamic Speaking
• Voice & Delivery
• The C’s of Influence & P’s of Fluency
• How to Eradicate the Fear of Speaking
• The Secrets of Masterful Storytelling
• and Much More!

In all your ventures, associations, and relationships, you are essentially selling YOU.

Speakfluence Voice Coach Norm Boaz

When meeting someone or presenting to a group, within the first few seconds of hearing your voice and taking in your facial expressions and body language, people are determining how interested they are in what you have to say.

Over the phone, you are limited to only the words you use and vocal factors such as pitch, tone, volume, and inflection. You may have a lot of content in your speaking, but the impact lies not just in WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

Your Voice Quality and how you use your voice to Deliver your messages are pivotal to your success. Your voice can be an Asset or a Liability.

- Do you want to speak clearly and confidently, with a smooth and inviting delivery?

- Do you want to improve the interest, impact, and influence of your speaking voice?

Do you speak so that people want to listen?
If not, YOU CAN!

Improve Your Speaking Experience

You have your own unique voice. That voice is made up of its own unique SOUND, and its own unique DELIVERY. I help people discover and develop their best speaking experience to sound better and say what they have to say with more engagement and presence.

Deep within each of us are feelings and perspectives that are personal and powerful. We feel deeply about OUR beliefs and passions.

As we interact with others, we have opportunities to share our insights, understandings and resonations within conversations or presentations.

The Speaking Voice and How You Use It has the potential to be dynamic and vibrant in its impact, interest, and influence. By contrast, a weak or distracting vocal tone or delivery can come across as boring, uninspiring, and inconsequential.

“SpeakFluence-Make Your Voice Count!” illuminates clear, simple, and effective speaking principles, which, when learned and applied, will dramatically improve your speaking voice and how it moves your audiences.

Book for Events:

Want to book Norm for your next event? Here are some examples of speaking engagements and training sessions Norm can provide for your business or organization:

• Foundational Trainings of 1-4 Hrs
• Full Day & 2-Day Trainings
• Keynotes
• Lunch & Learns
• Custom 20-50 Minute Talks

Norm Boaz Voice Coach, book speaking engagements

Change Your VOICE, Change Your LIFE!

Norm will teach you HOW to SPEAK your message and TRAIN the SOUND of your voice to make a dramatic difference in the impression and influence it has on the audience