Some thoughts on the remarkable sport of High School & College Wrestling.

Wrestling! One-On-One competition!
Just you and your opponent.

In the sport of wrestling, strength is absolutely imperative. You MUST have strength, but strength is not enough. Strength alone will fail without conditioning. You must be able to last and persevere over the length of the match. You MUST have Strength and Conditioning. But Strength and Conditioning are not enough!

Strength and Conditioning will fail without Skill. Great technique is necessary to succeed in wrestling. In wrestling, strength, conditioning AND skill are imperative, but they are not enough to be a champion. Strength, Conditioning and Skill will get you far, but not to the absolute highest peaks of the sport.

To get to the pinnacle in wrestling, you must also have Command over your Mind. You must have absolute laser focus, nimble strategy, searing mindset, mental agility, toughness, and impenetrable will.

So, the Seeds of Greatness in wrestling consist of these 4 Pillars:



SCSW — Some Can, Some Will

As in Wrestling, As in Life…

When you have these 4 Pillars, you have the Foundation of a Champion!