The major problem when presenting, coaching, teaching or public speaking is that people speak with the same uninteresting tone of voice, inflection, projection, and characteristics that they use in boring casual conversation. They don’t capture and hold onto their audiences.

When you take control of the meeting, you can’t be casual, nonchalant, and just chat like you’re sitting on the couch with a friend. You can speak earnestly and comfortably as a friend, but the STAGE is bigger and more powerful than the couch. Embrace your audience. DELIVER your message with warmth, energy, purpose, sincerity, articulation and a sense of humor. You TAKE the stage. You OWN it. Fill the room with your presence and Honor the Stage!

I help you find and deliver your own personal style of speaking from a Quiet Power Approach to a Big Personality and everything in between. Each one has its own dynamic impact.

You can Make Your Voice Count every time!