Hello Friends! Here are some thoughts on coaching for the week…

My formula for proficiency as a speaker is: Mindset + Skills = Masterful Speaking.

My mission is to teach and empower clients to aquire and grow skills and mindsets that transform their speaking and communication.

Think of the growth experience of kids’ sports. They’re playing soccer, baseball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.; practicing and competing year after year. Those that stick with it are building skills and facility every season they play. Those that excel at higher levels are the ones who, along with their physical skill development, are gaining the grit and mental strength necessary to be champions.

In speaking, you must build your skills, including vocal techniques, articulation, expressiveness and visual enhancement. You must also develop a presence on stage that exudes confidence, courage, connectivity, credibility, conviction and caring that creates a powerful resonation and bond with your audience. Thus the combination of Mindset and Skills results in the pinnacle of Great Speaking. It requires desire, effort and practice.

The foundations of Great Speaking are clear. Great coaching is the secret (or not-so-secret) sauce that can help a speaker stand out and surpass the mundane or average speaker. The great speaker can leave an indelible impression on their audiences, move them emotionally, entertain them, edify them, and motivate them to action. The expert speaking coach sees what needs to be perfected and enhanced; instructs, inspires and trains the mind along with the voice and delivery.

I help you Make Your Voice Count every time you speak. It is my honor to do so.
I care about every student. It is one of my singular joys.