What if every time you spoke you could be IMPACTFUL, INTERESTING and have INFLUENCE?

"Great speaking makes everything more effective, and
sets you apart." --Norm Boaz

Get voice and public speaking coaching, corporate or team training, workshops and more!

Norm Boaz Speakfluence Voice Coach Des Moines, Iowa

You can eradicate your
fear of speaking.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of a
weak, boring or annoying voice.

Great Speaking makes everything more effective, and sets you apart.

SpeakFluence can change your life, drive your business success, create better communication and presenting skills, and bring vibrancy, attraction and connection to your personal relationships.

SpeakFluence - Make Your Voice Count! is a transformational speech training that can change your life, drive your business success, and bring vibrancy, attraction and connection to your personal relationships. You will build confidence, and improve your speaking skills 1-on-1, on the phone, or in front of any size audience.

Coaching Services:
• 1-on-1 Coaching
• 4-Session Course
• Group Workshop
• SpeakFluence Handbook

Norm Boaz Speaking on stage at corporate training event in Des Moines Iowa
Norm Boaz SpeakFluence Des Moines Iowa Voice Coach Public Speaking Coach

Meet Norm Boaz

Norm is Founder & Owner of SpeakFluence—Make Your Voice Count.

Norm Boaz is an expert voice coach in BOTH areas of speech training (the voice and the delivery), and as a Master Teacher for over 40 years, he is able to unlock the powerful principles of dynamic speaking for each of his students with clarity and efficiency.

Norm will teach you HOW to SPEAK your message and TRAIN the SOUND of your voice to make a dramatic difference in the impression and influence it has on the audience.

You need voice coaching if:

You lack confidence when you speak, and you have a fear of speaking


Learn how to get rid of Speaking Anxiety forever.

You’re an introvert who wants to speak more effectively:


These clear and simple skills will transform your speaking!

You are boring your audiences:


Learn the “C’s of Influence” that captivate your listeners and create Charisma!

You are choppy or halting when you speak:


Learn the “P’s of Fluency” for a smooth and inviting delivery.

You are sabotaging your presentations with filler-words and other distracting habits:


Learn how to instantly eliminate them and keep your audience engaged.



"We had over 100 of our top executives participate in Norm Boaz’s SpeakFluence coaching and training. His ability to help our leaders, including myself, better articulate our thoughts and feelings as leaders has been instrumental in our company advancing customer services, as well as improving our image. He truly is gifted in helping leaders manage their fear of presentation and develop confidence in appearance and speech."

- Ted L.

CEO and Founder

“Norm was a tremendous help in teaching me how to be an engaging speaker for small to very large audiences. Additionally, I found his specific instruction to apply to a professional sales environment and everyday speaking. He greatly helped me expand my comfort zone and widen my perception on being an effective and convincing speaker. I recommend him to any business professional seeking to raise their skill level for advanced public speaking.”

—Sincerely, Scott D.

-Director of Business Development, FEAM Maintenance/Engineering

“Norm is fun, genuine, full of energy, and very knowledgeable about the voice. I learned many vocal techniques in his SpeakFluence workshop and went from poor enunciation, to speaking correctly and confidently in public, and winning speech contests. He is a great teacher and Mentor.”

—Yuan H.


“In a recent formal presentation and assessment review by my training directors, I was commended for the tone and inflection of my voice. I owe my recognition to Norm. I highly recommend his classes and private lessons to anyone who needs to develop/improve public speaking skills, learn how to properly use their voice and to gain confidence.”

- Trainer, FedEx Services


“Holy smokes, Norm, what a powerful, informative and FUN training. It's a real testament to the teacher when the students have been sitting on hard hotel chairs for 4 hours and still ask you to stay overtime and teach them more.”

—Skip K.

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