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Expert voice and public speaking coach

Speak So People Will Listen!

1-on-1, on the Phone, or in Front of Any Size Audience

Norm Boaz

I’m Norm Boaz, Founder of
“SpeakFluence - Make Your Voice Count!”

SpeakFluence is a simple but powerful SYSTEM
that will dramatically improve your speaking voice and how you use it!


Through exciting core principles, you will learn the foundations of a
Dynamic Speaking Voice and Delivery to better

You can be Engaging, Memorable, and Captivating!

SPEAKFLUENCE = Speak Fluently & Influentially
Make Your Voice Count!

Norm Boaz

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Do you lack confidence when you speak? Do you have a Fear of Speaking?


Learn how to get rid of Speaking Anxiety forever.


Are you an introvert who wants to speak more effectively?


These clear and simple skills will transform your speaking!


Are you boring your audiences?


Learn the “5 C’s of Influence” that captivate your listeners and create Charisma!


Are you choppy or halting when you speak?


Learn the “3 P’s of Fluency” for a smooth and inviting delivery.


Are you sabotaging your presentations with filler-words and other distracting habits?


Learn how to instantly eliminate them and keep your audience engaged.

Norm Boaz

You Can Command Every Stage You Stand on!

“Change Your VOICE, Change Your LIFE!”

What sets Norm Boaz apart from other Speaking Coaches?

There are TWO main categories of training when it comes to developing skills as a dynamic public speaker.

The most common area of training is HOW to DELIVER your speech to your audience. This is the major focus of the vast majority of speaking coaches. Their abilities and effectiveness vary substantially from coach to coach. It is a challenge to find a coach with expert teaching skills to help his or her students learn and apply the techniques quickly and effectively.

The second category covers the Technical training of the vocal instrument, understanding, and developing the actual Tone Quality of your voice. How attractive and compelling your voice sounds can result in a tremendously positive influence on your success. In contrast, if your voice is unattractive or annoying, it can be a great detriment to how you and your content is received.

Norm Boaz is an expert voice coach in BOTH areas of speech training (the voice and the delivery), and as a Master Teacher for over 40 years, he is able to unlock the powerful principles of dynamic speaking for each of his students with clarity and efficiency.


Norm will teach you HOW to SPEAK your message and TRAIN the SOUND of your voice to make a dramatic difference in the impression and influence it has on the audience.

“Change your VOICE. Change your LIFE!”

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On the Evaluation Call:
  • 1 We’ll get briefly acquainted, and you’ll be welcome to ask any questions you wish.
  • 2 You’ll answer a few questions about WHY you want to improve your speaking voice or public speaking abilities.
  • 3 You’ll do a short Voice Assessment to establish a base level of your current voice quality and speaking abilities.
  • 4 You’ll receive feedback on your observable strengths, and the areas suggested for improvement. I will outline your personal proposed course of study, including cost options.



“Holy smokes, Norm, what a powerful, informative and FUN training. It's a real testament to the teacher when the students have been sitting on hard hotel chairs for 4 hours and still ask you to stay overtime and teach them more.”

—Skip K.


“In a recent formal presentation and assessment review by my training directors, I was commended for the tone and inflection of my voice. I owe my recognition to Norm. I highly recommend his classes and private lessons to anyone who needs to develop/improve public speaking skills, learn how to properly use their voice and to gain confidence.”

—Sheritas T.

- Trainer, FedEx Services

Work With Norm

Norm Boaz






- Learn the Principles
- Practice and Apply the Principles
- Avoid the Pitfalls and Stumbling Blocks

Training Options

1-on-1 ~ 4-Session Course ~ Group Workshop

Words of Wisdom

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

—John Floyd

“The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.”

—Bernard Baruch

“Orators were the rock stars of their day.”

—Caroline Goyder


What Warren Buffett Says About Public Speaking and Success

“One of the things you would want to be sure to do, whether you like it or not, is to get very comfortable with Public Speaking. It’s an asset that will last you 50-60 years; and is a liability, if you don’t get comfortable with it. It’s a necessary skill.”

Serving Clients Nationally and Worldwide

Training Virtually or In-Person

Serving Local Clients in:

  • Greater Des Moines Area
  • Central Iowa Area

Serving Clients Nationally and Worldwide



“Norm was a tremendous help in teaching me how to be an engaging speaker for small to very large audiences. Additionally, I found his specific instruction to apply to a professional sales environment and everyday speaking. He greatly helped me expand my comfort zone and widen my perception on being an effective and convincing speaker. I recommend him to any business professional seeking to raise their skill level for advanced public speaking.”

—Sincerely, Scott D.

-Director of Business Development, FEAM Maintenance/Engineering

“Norm is fun, genuine, full of energy, and very knowledgeable about the voice. I learned many vocal techniques in his SpeakFluence workshop and went from poor enunciation, to speaking correctly and confidently in public, and winning speech contests. He is a great teacher and Mentor.”

—Yuan H.


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