I was listening to a CEO being interviewed about his company. He obviously knew everything about his company, what it does, all of its features and broad aspects. He spoke pretty fluidly, but mostly in the same tone of voice throughout; what I call a horizontal delivery where everything starts in neutral and stays there throughout the conversation. He rattled off quite a lot of information, and used a lot of abbreviations for different topics or processes that likely the general public would not know what they stood for.

Vocal variety, phrasing, energy, projection and emphasis would have instantly drawn me into the conversation at the outset. Unfortunately, his tone and delivery left engagement with the listeners at peril, and implied another long, dry and drawn out interview to come. This is fixable, my friends, and can go a long way in elevating the impact and image of a company.

In my work as a voice & speaking coach, I am grateful to be able to see what my students often can’t see at the outset. I get to unlock the keys for them to change and become a better, more confident version of themselves. They discover their own unique strengths, become aware of and overcome their limitations, and experience a heightened empowerment to impact and inspire others by how they speak, deliver their message, and carry themselves. I am grateful to be able to be a part of leading and observing this transformation as it takes shape right before my eyes!